Thank you for visiting the Black Eagle Leather Store! 
Our leather bags are truly one-of-a-kind creations. Each one is hand crafted and stitched without the use of any machine tools. All pieces are 100% leather. Several bags are lined with leather to give them a greater “heft”. All the artwork is applied by hand – no transfers, decals, or laser cuts are used.

The bags shown are the current designs available.
 When you choose the bag you want you will actually be purchasing the bag that you’re looking at.
 If that particular bag has already been purchased by someone else, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks to craft another one for you. However, I don’t guarantee a perfect match on the leathers…but it will be close. Each bag comes with its own strap and tassel.When you email me please indicate: Your height and your build – less than average, average, more than average. This way we can choose the correct length of strap for you. I will receive an email from you and I will let you know if you’re purchasing the one seen, or that I will be crafting one for you. Payment can be with card, check, or Pay Pal (use my emails address : Money back guarantee. Orders are shipped USPS. For international orders please add 15% to the purchase price.