The above bags are samples of CUSTOM, "made to order" bags.
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Each piece is handcut , handstitched, and hand pyro etched and colored from an original design.

Welcome to Black Eagle Leather!

     Black Eagle Leather was started in November of 2011. Our specialty is crafting one-of-a-kind leather shoulder bags, belt pouches, “Mountain Man” leather goods, and more. Each piece is hand cut and hand stitched (no machine tools are used) from an original design. A wood-burning tool is used to inscribe a design onto the leather, freehand. No transfers, decals, iron-ons, etc. are used. The coloring techniques used include leather inks and colored dried wax, a "reverse encaustic technique",  which has been developed by Black Eagle Leather. Smaller pieces take about 2.5 hours to craft, while larger pieces with complex artwork and stitching can take up to 7 hours.

We also ask local artists to create decorations for our bags, such as ceramic pieces, “trees of life”, cabochons, and more.

Styles of bags include, but not limited to: Shoulder bags, biker belt pouches, belt pouches, Black Powder leather bags, phone pouches, and messenger bags.

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